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This page gives information about many of the projects and activities run by and supported by our club, as well as some of those run by other Rotary Clubs with whom we have contacts. Please contact anyone in the club for more information.

Community and Vocational Projects

The Objectives of the Community & Vocational Service committee are to identify, promote and monitor, using clearly identifiable criteria, suitable projects and initiatives which are worthy of support by Melton Mowbray Rotary Club.

The Community and Vocational Service Committee are involved in:

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International Projects

The Melton Mowbray Rotary Club has strong links with Rotary Clubs in the central Philippines, and makes regular visits to the region to further our support for the work Rotary clubs in the area carry out.

We have been awarded both District and Global Grants by the Rotary Foundation, to support health, education, and livelihood in the region. For news on the projects please see our Club News page

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Youth Service

The club's activities for young people cover many areas, some within our own club, some through other clubs in the district:

Rotary Commitment to Young People

Investing in young people, the "New Generation", has long been a high profile commitment of Rotary International with the aims of:

. The Melton Rotary Club actively promotes many events for young people each year, and has contacts with other local clubs for those events we do not have the resources to run ourselves.

Young Musician Festival

This is an annual event for musicians from 6 to 18 years to perform their music in public. The Melton Mowbray Festival normally takes place in February, with district events in March to May.

All performers are professionally adjudicated, and presented with a certificate commemorating their performance. Performers reaching a high standard in the local event have the opportunity to perform at district events later in the year.

Sections include Brass, Woodwind, Strings, Piano, Percussion, Classical Guitar, and Vocal. Musicians can be solo, duets, ensembles, choir, or bands.

We have demonstration video tapes of a previous festival, which we would be pleased to lend you.

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Youth Speaks

An annual event where teams of three from schools or youth clubs make a short (6 to 8 minutes) speech on a subject of their own choice, in front of a mainly adult audience. The team's section is opened by one of them acting as chairman, and the second makes the main speech. The third proposes a vote of thanks to one of the other teams (sometimes seen as the most challenging part, as it is more off-the-cuff than the others). The winners go on to regional and national finals run by Rotary UK.

The competition is run in two age groups, under 14's, and 14 to 18 years. Teams from Melton Schools and Youth Groups have gone through to the semi-final and finals in each of the past three years.

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Leicestershire Life Education

Melton Mowbray Rotary Club is a strong supporter of this drug awareness programme .

Life Education Centres are mobile classrooms equipped with an impressive variety of teaching aids and operated by highly trained educators who provide entertaining and memorable information about healthy living.

The dangers of taking drugs, and the benefits of proper eating and exercise are put over in a way that primary school children can readily understand and assimilate. The knowledge that children gain from this highly enjoyable interactive form of education will teach them how their bodies work and help them appreciate how harmful drug misuse can be. If children at primary schools know the dangers of experimenting with drugs and solvents, they will be better equipped to resist subsequent peer pressure to play around with drugs and solvents, and much of the heart-ache and tragedy that results from their misuse will be avoided.

It is hoped that eventually every Primary School in Leicestershire and Rutland will be able to access the services of a Mobile Life Education Centre. Each caravan with all its equipment costs about 50,000 and monies now being raised are being direct towards expanding the service. Schools are now asked to cover the running costs (about 3.50 per pupil) and most, despite the tightness of their budgets, do so as they believe that the service provided is well worth the investment.

The Leicestershire Life Education Trust Company, a registered charity, was started in 1993 by Rotary Clubs in Leicestershire and Rutland with considerable initial support from the Nationwide Building Society. Since then generous donations from local companies and organisations, grants from the "BBC Children in Need", the Governments "Drug Challenge Fund" and the Lord Mayor of Leicester 1997 Appeal, have enabled the Trust to equip and staff two caravans.

The trust is run by Rotarians, the educators, a school principal and a representative of the Health Promotion Centre, and as they are mostly giving their time for free, administrative costs are only 1% of the budget.

There is a need for more mobile classrooms as there are still many schools waiting to avail themselves of this widely acclaimed resource. Rotarians throughout Leicestershire and Rutland are continuing to raise funds to provide the extra mobile LEC's required, as they believe this investment in the future of our children is absolutely vital.

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Young Chef

The objective of this competition is to encourage young people who may be considering, or who may already be, entering the catering profession. No entry qualifications are required.

You are asked to prepare a two course meal (main course and dessert) suitable for two people. Cost of ingredients not to exceed 5.

The competition will be a test of

Credit will be given for cookery skills, imagination, flavour and presentation of the final meal.

Why enter?

The Melton clubs do not at the moment run this competition themselves, but we can put you in touch with other Rotary Clubs in the district who do.

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Young Writer

The Young Writer of the Year competition is open to schoolchildren above the age of 9 who can submit prose or poetry on the topic. for that year.

Winners receive certificates and cash prizes for themselves and for their schools.

There are several age categories (years 5/6, 7/8/9, 10/11, 12/13) with cash prizes for each.

The Melton clubs do not at the moment run this competition themselves, but we can put you in touch with other Rotary Clubs in the district who do.

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Design Award

Start the new millennium by encouraging our young people to make bold designs, to innovate, to produce excellent craftsmanship and to think with creativity and originality. Normally the work is part of GCSE course work or similar. No extra work for the school - a lot of prestige in showing the quality of pupils' work.

Previous exhibits have ranged from tactile jigsaws for the blind, seats/storage boxes for very young children, to equestrian travel sets, from cyclist's work station, bird scarer, to teaching aid for wind surfing.

There are cash prizes for winners, and special merit prizes for craftsmanship and commercial viability.

The Melton clubs do not at the moment run this competition themselves, but we can put you in touch with other Rotary Clubs in the district who do.

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Young Enterprise

Rotary supports the Young Enterprise scheme, through both financial and practical help, whereby teams of young people set up and manage their own businesses. This gives them a positive experience of business and prepares them for working life.

The Melton Rotary Club can help you set up a Young Enterprise activity by putting you in touch with skilled organisers and advisers.

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Rotary's Exchange Programme

Rotary's Exchange Programme enables young people, normally between the ages of 16 and 22, to travel to other parts of the world to experience life in a culture other than their own. It is open to all young people, whether related to a Rotarian or not.

There are basically three different types of exchanges, School Year Exchanges, Summer Holiday Exchanges and the Short Term Exchange Programme to countries in the Southern Hemisphere. Also, within Europe there is a Camps and Tours programme, which, while not necessitating any 'exchange' is run under banner of the Rotary Youth Exchange programme.

We have not tried to cover all the details here, but the Melton Clubs are always looking for enthusiastic young people to participate in youth exchanges, either short term or longer - perhaps as a gap year opportunity.

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Interact is ????.. SERIOUS FUN

This service group / club for 14-18 year olds could link to DoE and to the school's work on International Understanding

Melton Mowbray has one Interact Club, based at the Melton Vale College.  We would be happy to discuss setting up Interact Clubs at other schools in the borough.

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RYLA - Rotary Youth Leadership Awards

This opportunity is for people aged 18 to 26 to participate in a week's outdoor team and leadership activity, based at Grafham Water. The event normally takes place in July each year. The Rotary Youth Leadership Award is designed to develop the leadership skills of young people with potential. The course programme includes

The programme normally include a physical component such as abseiling, rock climbing, cave exploration, canoeing, water sports, etc.

All participants receive a certificate of successful completion of the course.

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Mock Interviews

The Rotary Clubs in Melton Mowbray have provided for some years a chance for children to experience an interview in "real" conditions (an unknown adult interviewer in unfamiliar surroundings).  As an alternative we are looking at adapting the idea to "mock application forms", giving the students the opportunity to submit a mock application for a job, have it assessed, and discussed with the student.  We would be pleased to discuss either with you.

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Computers for Schools

Rotary in Melton has contacts with groups who collect redundant computers from companies (and perhaps well-endowed schools!) for redistribution to schools and charities that are less well equipped.

We can make arrangements to provide some computers or, if you are in the better-endowed category, help find outlets for some of your redundant equipment into good homes.

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Enterprise Satellite Group Bursaries

The Enterprise satellite group of the club awards bursaries to support young entrepreneurs in Melton Mowbray,  For details see the application forms or talk to the Enterprise Group - see their web page at this link.

Bursary criteria

Bursary request form

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